Who we are

The Discover Nature Norway team consists of Morten Liebe, Gert van Hummel and Nienke Sierksma-Liebe. It seemed advisable to introduce ourselves briefly so you know a little bit with whom you deal.


Morten is a born and bred Norwegian nature lover and has been working for many years in various national parks in Norway. This work arose in him the idea to do something else with it. That meant setting up small company to take other people with us into nature and have a nice few days whithout the daily stress. Morten is a cheerful and quiet guy with an incredible amount of knowledge of nature.


Gert is a Dutchman who has now settled in Germany but still works in Netherlands. He is the type of guy who likes to go on trips. Many years ago he travelled for 3 months the Australian outback. For him, this meant that the trip had to be done by motorcycle. Gert is A calm, patient and unpretentious guy. He is the handy and inventive one of the bunch. His motto is: there are no problems , problems are there to be solved!


Nienke is originally a Dutch girl who now along with Morten lives on their farm in Norway. She is a centipede what work and life experiences concerns and is a lady with many special features including the cooking and baking of specialities. She has an immense love for everything that flourishes, grows and has legs. She is the one with very special ideas.

Morten Liebe

Gert van Hummel

Nienke Sierksma