Fly Fishing & fishing courses

Did you know that in the Langsua Nasjonalpark there are numerous streams, rivers and lakes? In all of these is the wild brown trout living. A beautiful fish! They can reach a weight up to 7.0 kg. with a maximum length of 80 cm. In our waters the weight of a healthy brown trout is between 0.3 to 2.0 kg


Catching a trout in can be done in different ways but if you use a fly rod you are fishing in a exciting and fascinating way! It seems very difficult when you look at an experienced fly fisher. Especially when you see that long line move in beautiful loops above and behind the fisherman.


Yet it is not so difficult to learn the basic technique. With a few hours of "dry" practice on a piece of grassland many can learn it. The course requires some effort and concentration to keep the line in the air and finally land the fly exactly there where you want it. This is why we pratice on land a lot!


But after you learned the basics you can catch such a beautiful trout in this way ....!



In addition to fly fishing, you can also try using spinners, baits or other lures. That is a whole different way of fishing and requires other materials. Spin fishing can give you other problems. How do you get that spinner in motion? How does a lure react to a movement of the tip of your rod. Etc. This will all be mentioned in our courses.


That's why Discover Nature Norway offers fishing courses for those who want to try the basics of fly fishing. Or for those who never had a fishing rod in hand and wants to try a spinrod and a spinner! We can teach you. Male or female or age is not important, everybody can learn both techniques.


For the fisching courses we have all the materials and within a few hours you can learn the basics for both ways of fisching. After the dry practice, we will go to a place in nature where you bring everything you learned into practice. Of course, we give no guarantees. Trout are wild animals and if they do not want to bite, well ...


We have the following possibilities:

  • 1. Basic fly fishing, consisting of 2 hours dry practice followed by 5 hours for real.
  • 2. Basic spin fishing, consisting of 1 hour dry practice followed by 5 hours for real.


Prices & Equipment

Equipment for flyfishing and spin fishing is available. We have rods, reels, line, flys, spinners etc.


The costs for these courses are based on a price per hour. We charge € 25 per hour per person.

This is including the use of our equipment and coffee or tea.

For a fishing license the costs are € 12,50 per day per person. This has to be payed seperatly.